What is this about?

We are some linux enthusiasts providing
services for the public in our spare time


We use Arch Linux as our production system so we can deliver a high quality and bleeding-edge experience to our users. Furthermore we want to give something back to the stunning opensource community. So we provide some public access services like our very own unofficial Arch Linux repository and mirror.


We have enough resources to provide a ton of different services which we find to be useful. Some experience will be made in the future. Service requests can be made by using our contact form.


We don't trust in those monopoly companies which power a variety of the internet's infrastructure. Decentralisation is the approach we are trying to reach. Thus we created services to replace those, made by Google, Microsoft etc. ranging from our cloud server to our very own mail system.


Secure communication became one of the main traits our internet-driven society believes in. Virtual Private Networks, e2e-encryption and secure ciphers for our online communication are just a few of our security measurements we've taken in place in order to protect our users data and communication.